See what matters using the world’s fastest Computer Vision AI

Incredibly accurate computer vision on impossibly

small edge devices

Facial Recognition
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Object Detection
Custom Models
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1/10th the Cost
Real-time, Any Device
Privacy by Design
Break the AI speed limit
Object Detection at the Edge, 
faster than the cloud. 
Customer Case: Purple Hive 
Saving bees with solar-powered 
IoT Computer Vision

Cost Savings,

Better Accuracy,

Faster Inference

Xailient sees like people do. Forget everything you know about computer vision, this is biological vision, in a computer.

Xailient for OEM & ODMs

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Turn your IP camera into an AI smart-camera.  Xailient brings Computer Vision AI to low-cost, small scale IoT cameras.  We support multiple SoC and SoM configurations.

Refresh your current inventory or up-sell your existing customer base with a software update.

How it works

AutoML for Custom AI

Train for anything you want, or just use our pre-trained models.

Our tools help you manage your data, train and test your AI. 

Upload your videos to the cloud for easy evaluation.

No New Hardware

Xailient software runs on ARM, x86, Movidius, Coral and more.  Leverage your existing hardware.

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Retail Analytics

Faster than XNOR or OpenCV, our customers are upgrading their software and downgrading to cheaper IoT.

Real-time AI Onboard Drone:
Estimated 4G data cost savings, 94%

Never waste a flop, never waste a byte.  Processing AI onboard in real-time saves bandwidth and time.  No more manual swapping of SD cards!

Train on your data
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Xailient allows you to build custom AI using our unique meta-architecture.  Your data stays yours and the trained model is exclusive to you.