AWS Cloud Software Engineer

About the Company 


At Xailient our vision is a world of seamless and pervasive AI assistance, and our mission is to enable makers and innovators to bring their visions to life by providing the artificial nervous system of a connected world.  


Xailient believes that many innovations have yet to come to market, and many existing services are limited in their growth by the costs to create and deliver AI in the real world.  Xailient is commercializing breakthrough university research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from RMIT.  Our technology dramatically reduces the costs of data transmission, storage and computation associated with extracting useful information from real-time video by processing images the way humans think.


Xailient has built a PaaS Console and needs your help building new features, such as a monitoring feedback loop and supervised labeling pipeline, integration with key channel partners, and robust deployment of updates across large scale IoT deployments.  Our immediate goal is to expand and accelerate the AI market by improving the unit economics and reducing product development costs of Computer Vision solutions. 


The Product Engineering team makes it delightful for customers to use Xailient AI technology.  We are seeking passionate and innovative people to join our Product Engineering team.  


We embrace diversity.  Part-time or full-time candidates will be considered.  We welcome candidates with family/life commitments and part-time availability, but “full-time professional passion”.


Xailient is a VC funded start-up.

Role Details

AWS Cloud Software Engineer

This is an engineering role with responsibilities over AWS architecture and strategy as well as software delivery. The Cloud Software Engineer will be responsible for any and all aspects of Xailient’s product in AWS, from web-based admin consoles to data processing backends and AI orchestration services.


  • Develop and maintain flexible and automated AWS cloud infrastructure solutions using infrastructure as code principles and tooling

  •  the automated AWS CI/CD process.

  • Responsible for CloudFormation deployment pipelines

  • Responsible for security of the deployment in AWS

  • Responsible for designing and developing the application using AWS serverless

  • Responsible for designing and developing RESTful APIs using AWS services

  • Write Python code that can run on AWS Lambdas

  • Write clean tested code, apply quality best practices

  • Design software architecture to meet the requirements of the product over a 6-18 month time horizon

  • Design software that meets high level business requirements

  • Properly document designs and architecture (but don’t over-document)

  • Develop and deploy Amazon Lambdas, databases, Docker containers

  • Estimate schedules and provide status within the team’s Agile methodology

  • Collaborate with teammates to identify engineering trade-offs

  • Use source control, story/defect tracking tools, and apply software engineering best practices

  • Deliver quality in depth, solve root causes not symptoms

  • Innovate and bring creative ideas

  • Other tasks as assigned.



  • Should have engineering wisdom equivalent to 7+ years experience, 3 years of hands-on experience in AWS

  • Must have 3 or more product life-cycles at a single employer

  • Strong hands-on experience AWS code pipeline  and CloudFormation Templates

  • Strong hands-on experience in AWS serverless architecture using Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3

  • Strong experience in deploying applications using EC2 and ECS

  • Must have a good understanding of AWS security best practices

  • Must have delivered to market software solutions to the cloud 

  • Must have at least 2 years of experience on centralized systems that interact with remote endpoints (e.g. smartphones, IoT, or PCs)

  • Must have experience with software in production (i.e. a product that was actually live and had users)

  • Must have experience coding and deploying software on AWS

  • Must have experience working in a team to deliver software

  • Must have strong fundamentals - algorithms, data structures and performance implications

  • Should have experience dealing with distributed deployments with versioned interfaces across multiple parties (API wrangling, version management)

  • Nice to have experience with GCP and/or Azure marketplace (as a solution provider)

  • AWS Certifications

  • Nice to have an understanding of the differentiating considerations of AWS, GCP and Azure

  • Nice to have formal training in one or more cloud platforms

  • Nice to have experience with EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

  • Nice to have C++ experience, especially on endpoints (IoT, PC, or Android native)

Principals only please; Xailient is not accepting recruiter placements, nor will be responsible for recruitment fees.

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