Xailient graduates Antler, receives $100,00 in pre-seed

Monday August 12, 2019 | Xailient, a deep tech startup in Computer Vision, has received $155,000 in pre-seed investment from Venture Capital fund Antler.

Commercializing PhD research in Artificial Intelligence from co-founder Shivanthan "Shivy" Yohanandan, Xailient enables technology teams to build Computer Vision applications faster and more easily.

Computer Vision is the broad field of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to detect objects and events from an image.  Applications include public safety & security surveillance, traffic analysis, retail analytics, intelligent baby monitors, drones and self-driving cars.

Xailient is spearheading the new sector of AI at the Edge.  Xailient software runs on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, processing data at the point of origin, saving the costs and delays of transmitting to, and processing in, the cloud. 

Xailient has published results processing of over 300 frames per second of video on a Raspberry Pi 3.  The Raspberry Pi 3 is a popular benchmark for IoT due to its low cost, about $30 US dollars.

"One industry expert literally said 'that's impossible' until we showed it to him.  Then he asked for a job." said CTO and co-founder Shivy Yohanandan.

Antler, a VC firm and startup generator, provided an 8-week program in Entrepreneurship, bringing together 70 entrepreneurs interested in founding new companies.  Thirty-one startups were assessed on their team, team-product fit, product-market fit, the size of the problem their business is solving, viability and scalability.  Antler invested in 12 startups with $100,000 in pre-seed funding.

Xailient co-founders Lars Oleson and Shivy Yohanandan met through the Antler program.

"It was a perfect way to bring together my commercial background with Shivy's academic deep-tech", said Xailient co-founder and CEO Lars Oleson.  "I've done multiple startups and had three exits, and I recommend Antler to entrepreneurs at any stage of experience."

"Many great ideas for AI get crushed by the costs to deliver.  Things like cloud computing or data charges can put a business under-water on their service.  Xailient's innovation changes the game by cutting costs 10x or more." said CEO Lars Oleson.

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About Xailient

Xailient is a software platform company that enables makers and innovators to bring their visions to life by providing the artificial nervous system of a connected world.  Xailient bridges neuroscience and computer science to build new Artificial Intelligence techniques that are 10 or 100 times faster and more efficient.  Xailient saves customer's money and time by solving the basic problems of computer vision, letting customers concentrate on their business value.  Xailient was founded in August 2019.

Media Contact:

Lars Oleson, CEO

email: lars@xailient.com

mobile: 0434965010